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How Do You Make Friends?

Leaving school for the day, classmates pass by you. They’re chatting to their many friends, discussing how excited they are to be attending that upcoming concert. Other teens walk pass you, gossiping that Jill may like Mark, but Jill is Mark’s ex’s sister and then Mark, etc.

Everywhere you look, everyone is surrounded by a group of buddies. How does everyone except you have friends? Even one would be good at this point. Maybe you just weren’t meant to have friends.

These thoughts don’t stop you wishing you could have your own little group of buddies, supporting you and getting you through life’s troubles. But only the really confident, chatty teens get friends… right?

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Why You Shouldn’t Care What Your Classmates Think


The warm heat from the sun is shining down on your shoulders as you walk through the school grounds at lunchtime. You’re just after putting your books away in your locker and are considering going into town to buy some lunch. But then you see a fellow teen who is quite friendly in class.

You walk past them, but then stop. Leaning against the railing, you take your phone out and pretend to text. You consider hanging out with them at lunch this time, so you have a chance at making friends with them.

However, they’re surrounded by their own friends. Wouldn’t it be weird just to march right up to them and join their conversation? They’ve been buddies for years. Also, what would you say? Isn’t it awkward just to say hi and start your own conversation? But that teen is really nice, it would be great to hang out with them outside of class. Shame they’ve got their friends with them.

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The Importance of Keeping in Contact


You smile and laugh with your classmates. You say goodbye as you leave the school gates. You had a tough day trying to talk to people and make some new friends. It’s time to go home for the day and do some homework. Maybe read the latest Young Adult bestseller. Everything is all going great.

But then something happens.

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