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How To Start A Conversation

[066/365] Back to School

You’re sitting in the canteen, picking at the corners of your sandwich as you spy a student you know sit near you. They’re on their own, you know they have friends and if you start talking to them, you may have a chance to join in their conversations they make with their friends when they come over. But first you need to actually get over these irritating nerves you feel and start chatting to them.


You take a deep breath, trying to press down those butterflies and open your mouth. But then you seem to forget how to speak. You suddenly wish you were somewhere else. Anywhere else. You want to give up and hide far away in the corner.


But you won’t be a victim to that sort of behaviour anymore. You will get over your nerves and start chatting to this person.


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How Do I Ask My Crush Out?


There you are, sitting innocently in class, waiting for the teacher to begin the lesson. You pull your homework out of your school bag, when suddenly they come in.

Your heart feels like it’s stopped and your face begins to heat up. Yep, it was them again. Your crush. Then they walk over and sit beside you. As if it wasn’t hard enough to talk to classmates in general, now your crush has finally decided to sit beside you!

No. Today will be the day. Today will be the day you finally gather up your courage and ask them out. Only question is… how?

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